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Supermarket Security Simulator

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Welcome to your first day of work at our supermarket.
I know this is your first time working security so listen up.

As security you will have to:
Keep an eye on people so they don't steal, which entails searching old ladies, keep an eye out for gypsies (and not so gypsies) stealing from you.
If a thief tries to flee, don't be afraid to hit him with the truncheon or electrocute him with the taser. Check the ticket and ifhe has something he didn't buy you handcuff him and put him in the dungeon.
Check the security cameras, which will alert you if they detect someone stealing. They are shitty and sometimes fail, you will have to hit them with the broom to fix them...
Watch out for the trolleys, the old ladies are trying to take them home.
Kids are bastards... Some of them come to eat whatever they want and then they leave the packages empty.
They often come to rob the supermarket, so be alert and when you see a robber youneutralize him with a punch.
You will also have to work at night so don't be afraid and if some robbers come you can shoot them.

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