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[Humblebundle] White Wings ($6.79 / 66% off)


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White Wings
$6.79 (-66%) on Humble Store

❄ Japanese E-mote Animation System. More than 40 animation CGs (including CGs in the patch) ❄ Chata (茶太) Singing OP Theme Song (Composition: Meis Clauson lyrics: Chata) ❄ Akira Ouse (逢瀬アキラ) Singing ED Song (TV anime「Netsuzou Trap -NTR-」ED1 Singer ❄ BGM produce By Japanese Production team ❄ Japanese well-known company "KIZAWA Studio" produces game Promotional Video ❄ Full Hentai Patch (Animated CGs) ❄ Fully voiced in Japanese ❄ CG Gallery, Music Gallery This is an agonizing wintertime love son...
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